New Year, New Blog

Hi there! Candy here. I’m a newbie here at WordPress but I’m a veteran for posting annoying entries (just kidding, still it could be).  What I mean is I am blogging since 2010 in my Tumblr account or earlier in my Friendster account (which is nowhere to be seen). But I’m more and obviously active in Tumblr which anniversary is I guess today.



Current Tumblr blog (sarreh for my ever ugliest duckie face)

Three years in total that I’ve been using this as a somewhat expression of my thoughts, feelings, etc. It’s like a friend in need and a friend indeed. Throughout the years, it’s one of those who keeps me inspired and motivates me to do better. It helps me discover something about myself, really. And what I can say, it has the coolest dashboard ever. Hihihi.

People change, things change, and blogs change. (Ano daw?) Anyways, seriously, I decided to really blog decently as much as possible and as much I can. So I chose WordPress for that. It took me a year I think to shift from there to here. So that’s it! I’m now embracing my new family.

Dear WordPress,

I’m still making you look attractive so please have patience in me and be good to me. Okay? 🙂

P.S. I’m not deactivating my Tumblr because I can’t let go of my cute photos (hohohohoho). Seriously, it’ll still be up. I love you Tumblr! :*



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