I guess I’m young, but I feel so weary

I agree with Zooey Deschanel’s lyrics, exactly what I feel the past few days. I’ve been deciding on what will be the appropriate title for this post until I hear She & Him.

I guess I’m young, but I feel so weary. Much like I’m old enough yet I’m still young. I’m turning 23 now this coming February and I think what I’m feeling right now are just birthday jitters. I just noticed that every time my special day is coming up, I am in this kind of way. It’s as if I haven’t accomplished anything yet through that two years of being an employee and receiving her monthly salary. These are what I call frustrations because another plus one year to my age, yet there’s no sense of fulfillment.

I must say that I’m still happy despite all those crappy frustrations. There really comes a time when a person has all these random thoughts about his life, and tries to reflect on the past years that gone by. What I’ve learned during those times is that life can be sometimes  boring, tiresome and weird. You can either deal with it or it will consumes you.

My life is in a state of what I can consider as, absolute. Though I’m talking about being frustrated, I have all the reasons not to. I wish not to bore you for making this entry but I just miss escaping through writing and the feeling that it brings me every time I writes. Try not to forget, that beside this, there’s nothing more powerful than a prayer. 🙂

A little note to myself, an addition to your years is also a plus one to your responsibilities. If you think you’re not mature enough, try to be one. Remember, there’s no harm in trying. But be sure to still explore and enjoy life. Don’t be too naive but also don’t be too serious. Maintain balance and stay in the middle. 🙂



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