Almost RED!

Last Sunday, I decided to dye my hair again. But this time, not the super “takaw attention” color which I used to have in 2011.

Naturally, I have a black wavy hair which I inherit from my Nanay. And I’m proud to say and thankful that I didn’t have to go to the salon to have my hair treated. Thank God! 🙂


In 2011, I dyed it and I call it, “color tripping”. Why? Here’s what I’m talking about:

I don’t know what color is this and I don’t understand. Hahahaha! But I still like it though.

So now, I see to it that I choose the right color. I chose Rich Mahogany which is like reddish brownish combined.

I thought of copying the hair color of Angelina Jolie and Kristin Stewart on Google when I’m searching for a better color. It still looks a bit of it though and I love it! Because I’m one adventurous girl, I like to try out new things, whether it’s hair dyeing or anything else. And it feels good to look different once in awhile. 😉



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