Travel Diary: Ayayatenka Ilocos Day 3

Our last day in the Ilocos Region and we only have one destination, the famous Calle Crisologo. Which is I’m excited to look at because I’m a lover of vintage things.

Before we proceed to the last leg, we took some pictures of the resort.

IMG_2127 IMG_2130 IMG_2131 IMG_2134


IMG_2135The famous street known for its vintage collections, relics and architecture. I’m glad that the Ilocanos still preserve one of the places that we can be proud of and we can always look back into. And I was a little sad for not having a camera with me. 

43IMG_0957 DSC_0196

There are a lot of souvenir stores with T-shirts, refrigerator magnets, key chains, fans, hats, even pieces of furniture. We dropped by this antique store and I was like, “Wow!” A lot of vintage artifacts are displayed there, and what I like the most are the furniture. If I will be going back there, I will bring my own van and buy myself a lots of furniture and displays. How I wish I am filthy rich that I can buy all those things.

DSC_0203 DSC_0205 DSC_0208We’re so corny we ate our lunch at Max Restaurant along that street.

DSC_0194Few of my favorite self-portraits from the trip courtesy of le boyfriend, Mr. Moises Narra. ♥


inkwell1If I’ll be ask to choose one of my favorite places in the tour, I would say all the places we’ve been to in Day 2. The places lined-up were all amazing, a great discovery and I must say a paradise. Although it was quite tiring, it was still worth it. 🙂

I’ve never been to a lot of places here in our country. There were some back in my school days whenever we are having field trips. But being one to tour around the places that was a part of who you are is a great and a reliving experience.

I encourage all Filipinos to travel more here in the Philippines before we booked a trip to other countries. It is indeed more fun here in the Philippines! 🙂

‘Til my next travel! 😉

Disclaimer: Photos by Ederley Ting-o, Fox Garcia, August Ferrer, Gilbert Anyayahan, and Candy Zinampan.



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