We got older but we’re still young

I’ve been a busy person (just an alibi for my laziness) these days, in fact, up to now I’m in the middle of working through my pending tasks here at the office, but hey, a lot of ideas came to me just now so I have to write it down before it goes away.

So much for the senseless introduction, let’s get to the point. More than 2 weeks ago, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Yes, I’m 3 years now through the halfway of being a complete adult and just thinking about it makes me “uh-oh”. But anyway, it is still an important day of my life so it should be somehow special.

Last year I remember it turned out fun, but this time, well it was surprising. Literally speaking, my day was full of surprises. Days before it, I don’t even feel that it’ll be my birthday soon and I’m not even excited about it. Guess that’s the feeling you get when you know you’re getting old. But hell yeah to my boyfriend, he surprised me at the most unprepared moment of my life.

He went to our house from work and saw me at my “pambahay” get-up without any “ligo” at all. Yuck! Knowing that he was already at their house, I was about to sleep that time when he showed up at the door carrying a cake. Then I was even more surprised when he gave his gift to me. A pair of Macbeth kicks, can you believe that? (just overacting) I got kilig and a bit shy. Hihihihi. ♥


The next day which is my exact birthday, we attended my niece’s Christening so I got the time to bond with my family even for just a while. Afterwards, Moi and I attended the Sunday service which is one of the most thankful moments I’ve had. Then we went on a nice dinner and gone home.

But before my day ends, there was another surprise. I was already sleeping when my younger sister (Epeng) woke me up and told me to go downstairs. There my other sister (Cathy) brought me a mango cake from Breadtalk and she even did the dedication on it all by herself. How sweet is that! And it has cute swirly candles!


It was a week-long special so I went to Moi’s house to also celebrate their birthdays. It was a quadruple party because they have also same birthday month as mine. How cool is that! 🙂

I also delivered my birthday gift to him that which I envy a bit because the helmet is so freaking cool! I want to have one too. Hehehe. We roamed around their town with his Vespa Ruby and eat and eat and eat. We also watched the movie Looper starring Joseph-Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. And I must say it’s a good one.


The sad part was I wasn’t able to celebrate it with my best friends, especially my Nay Kitz whom I miss a lot. I hope to reunite with her real soon.

All in all, my special day turned out simply special because of these special people. Even though I am afraid of getting old especially now that I think I am turning into a happy-go-lucky gal, I am trying to be responsible enough being at my age because I care about these people and they care about me a lot too. And because I think getting old will limit me to try on adventures and stop me from doing the things only for young ones, I am trying not think of it because you can always have an adventure regardless of any age you are in any time you want. And there’s this saying that you can always be young at heart. 🙂

Yeah, we always get old every year, but for me every birthday is a way of saying that we should be growing up as we are getting older.



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