Cry-Baby Movies

Do you remember the movies that made you cry? Well, I do. I watched two movies over the weekend and I was crying a river.


When I was in high school, I remember answering some random question of what it takes for a movie to be good or what it takes for an actor to be good. And then I answered if a movie made me cry then it is a really good movie and if an actor made me cry then he is a good actor.

Here I came up with the term “cry-baby” movies because these are the ones that literally bring out the cry-baby in me. Now that I’m more mature, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a movie or an actor should make your precious tears fall to be labeled as “good” but it has to affect you in a way that could change your perception in life.

I also have some cry-baby series but unfortunately those are Korean drama series. My favorite one was the “The World’s Within” which aired on 2008. I so love the story and how it relates to people. But because we’re talking about movies, I’ll give you my top list and here they are in no particular order.

Anak (2000)


Starring Vilma Santos and Claudine Baretto along with other actors. This is the one that I can barely recall during my childhood. It is the first movie that made me cry. It’s a story of an OFW mother who left her family for abroad just to provide their financial needs. And after several years, she came back to her unknown family. She was like a stranger to them because  she left the country when they were still young and she wasn’t aware of the things that were going on with their lives. It also features the famous song of Freddie Aguilar, “Anak” which is also its title.

I watched this with my mom and auntie, and I remember after seeing the scene where Vilma and Claudine were talking to each other and Vilma saying that she just did that abroad thing because she loves them very much, I came rushing to the bathroom because I don’t want them to see me crying.

One More Chance (2007)

one more chance

Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. I am a big fan of Lloydie’s movies and for me, he is one of the finest actors here in our country. I think anyone can agree that this Popoy and Basha love story is one of the all-time favorite Filipino romance that almost all people can relate to. It’s about a long-term relationship that falls off because the other one needs more space and sees their relationship as not growing.

I saw it several times not because I wanted to watch it over and over again, but because our local channels has this kind of showing it over and over again. Going through a break-up, I think this is one good movie to watch for. Somehow I can relate to it during that tough times and I just made myself even more depressed after watching it. I cry real hard on the famous scene wherein Bea is confessing her true feelings about the matter.

Bea: “Ako na lang ulit, ako na lang.”

JLC: “She love me at my WORST, You had me at my BEST. at binalewala mo lang lahat yon. and you chose to BREAK my heart.”

La Vita E Bella (1997)


An Italian movie that means “life is beautiful.” It’s one of my all-time favorite movie and it is also the first classic movie that I’ve watched. It’s a story about two Jews, a father and a son during the World War II. It shows what they’ve gone through and how much a father loves his child.

My awesome brother (kuya-kuyahan) and I watched it when I was just in high school. That was time that I had the epiphany of my life. That was beginning of me going crazy over movies especially the classic ones. The scene that I cried was when the father saved his son by being killed and instead, he was the one that was killed. (I don’t want to detailed that part because I would like the readers to watch it themselves because it is a very good material.)

Forrest Gump (1994)


A famous film of Tom Hanks which teaches us that “life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll get.”  A not-so-ordinary innocent-looking man who loves his Mama so much, has a best friend he calls “Bubba” and  likes to run a lot. This is a true story about a man whose life is lived with love, friendship, loyalty and genuineness.

The moment when Forrest’s mother died, that’s the one that made me teary-eyed. I am also a fan of true stories and of this great actor Tom Hanks.

My Sister’s Keeper (2009)


A film about a mother (Cameron Diaz) who was relying on her youngest daughter to help her other daughter going through a leukemia. It shows how difficult it is to be a parent of two kids having one as sick and the other as normal.

My ex-boyfriend’s sister recommended this to me and we watched it and cried together. I felt pity on the sick one because she doesn’t want everybody to feel so hard about she being that but she can’t do anything about it. I also understand the younger one’s feelings, having a big responsible at such a young age is really something. And I admire the parent’s love and patience on their children.

I Am Sam (2001)


A very heartfelt film starring Sean Penn and Dakota Fanning. A father’s love to his daughter regardless of his retardation, and how a disordered man changed the life of those around him.

My youngest sister (Epeng) told me that I have to see this because it really is good and it will definitely make me cry. Just recently, I gave it a shot and she was right, I cried a bucket and it started on the second half of the film until it ends. I love the whole movie, every part of it. I also admire the great acting  by the actors especially Sean knowing that he has some kind of choosing characters that are pretty much not-so-normal. My favorite part was when Sam was trying to explain to the court people what it makes to be a good parent and the lines that he have said was really straight to the heart. One thing that makes me love this too much is its soundtrack, the classic songs of The Beatles. How wonderful is that!

So there they are, my top cry-baby movies. I have others on the side but these are my favorite ones. These are the ones that made a great impact on my life. Though not tremendously big, but just the right amount to teach me about life.

I am a movie lover (I cannot think of someone who isn’t), I don’t care what genre it is. As long as I think I can learn something from it, or it’ll give me something that will interest me, I’ll absolutely go for it. Movies for me, are not made just for entertainment only. It is a story just like in books, from people who wanted to express themselves, share the lessons, and to share their life with each and everyone.

Arts, including films, are proofs that everyone has a desire to communicate themselves to others, to have a better understanding of one’s life and in order for us to live in peace and harmony.

What are the movies that made you cry? Or should I say the movies that somehow change your life? Share. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Cry-Baby Movies

  1. steve says:

    i love part of your list i am a cry baby too. and not ashamed to admit becausr i am a guy i love forrest gup my sisters keeper and for sure i am sam wich i saw three times and i was weeping in the first 5 min of movie also stepmom always make me bawl my eyes out so yes i am a crybaby too.

    • candyzinampan says:

      Thanks for liking my entries. Well, we all have that cry-baby in us and I find it cute when guys admit that they’re cry-babies. Good job! 🙂 I forgot to include “Marley and Me” on my list. That’s a very heart felt movie about a dog.

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