A lot of things are intimidating, what isn’t?

A quotable quote from Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh who was featured in this video from Code.org. True to its words, there are really lots of things that are very intimidating, and I can say coding or programming is one of those.

If you don’t mind asking, I’m currently working as a Systems Developer or in short, a Computer Programmer. I spent 8 hours or more in the office, in front of the computer, having conversations with it with what we call as “codes”.

Not in a million years did I imagine myself being a computer geek until I entered college. Actually, my first choice was an Architectural degree but I don’t know what happen to me and got myself involved in Information Technology. First day of class, I had no idea at all what my programming professor was talking about. Quitting even crossed my mind that time because I got really intimidated by my classmates with programming backgrounds, and I don’t have that eagerness in me.

Turbo C is the first programming language that I’ve learned. Basically, it’s the basic. When I think about it now, it’s very simple but during that time, it’s really hard. I don’t even understand the coding behind its every syntax. But I was really amazed that I can make a computer talked and even say “Hello World!”. Isn’t it amazing? 🙂

My first error was not putting an end statement (}) in my program. How stupid I was for making that small mistake, for making my first program a mess and for having the lowest grade in a programming activity. So from that time on, this end statement never leaves me crying. Well, having errors especially in this line of work is pretty normal. Just like humans, nothing’s perfect. All systems have bugs. Just learn to minimize it. 😉

First things first in coding, logic and then the rest will follow. Oh, I almost forgot about the syntax. I’ve learned that if you know the basic syntax structure, whatever programming language you’re using, you can always manage.

There are a lot of competitions in this world, especially in the field of computer technology. Now that we are living in a world of automation, I think everyone should know about the things behind it. Even just a little knowledge about it.

From the ordinary 16-year old that I am before who doesn’t know the purpose of the field she chose to be in, I can say that I knew it now. As everybody says, “Computers makes life more easy.” The sense of coding and developing a system is none other than to help.

You don’t have to be a genius to learn how to code, all you need is a determination. And yes, a lot of things are intimidating, what isn’t?

Challenge yourself. 😉



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