Still Memories

Almost a month since my last post and I badly miss blogging! So here I am again and I have prepared lots of things to talked about but first off, I’m gonna introduced the creative side of me. Chos!

I’m back to my old love. What I’m referring to is Photography which is now trending worldwide. Actually, it is really a hobby, a very fancy hobby ’cause it requires a lot of money. Investing on this is quite expensive especially when you’re really into it and eventually make it a profession.

Me, I am simply a hobbyist. It’s just that I love taking pictures since then and up till now. I just took a break few years ago because my camera was broken.


Polarod t1235 is the very first camera that I bought with my own money.  I had this when I was still in 3rd year college. It is a 12.1 megapixel point and shoot camera. I was very happy when I got this and I’m really unstoppable in taking shots. It helps me develop my artistic side. Just satisfied that I almost tried all its features and I took pride in some of my shots. This thing has quite a sentimental value but just like that, it also fades away. So I finally bid goodbye to it two years ago.

It took me  years to invest in a new one but in between those, I also invested in analogue cameras, the cheap ones only ’cause I still can’t afford the one with high quality.


In order: 1) Kodak 600, 2) Bell + Howell BF35, 3) CD-R King 35mm camera, 4) Yashica . I haven’t used all of these except for the Kodak 600 but that was several years ago when I was in elementary. It was my father’s so I am guessing that it should be mine now. Haha! The Bell + Howell and CD-R King are the ones that I bought from Cubao Expo, then I got the Yashica from my aunt. Not sure if it is still working but I’ll go check it soon. Just really frustrating to have cameras but don’t have enough time to play with it. I promise to myself that I’ll find time no matter what.


So this is my new baby, the Nikon P7100 Coolpix Digital Camera. Still haven’t think about what will I name her. Anyway, I got this just months ago and I’m really thrilled because I like it very much. I read a lot of good reviews about it. Aside from it’s super handy, it really has a very appealing look and has semi-DSLR features. I’m still on the process of exploring it before buying accessories. You can also accessorize and extend it to a more higher level by adding lenses and flashes.

I made some creative shots with these cameras so I decided to share it with establishing a Photography Blog. I had a few back then but I’m gonna shut it down because I think those were sort of informal and I wanted to have a formal one. So that’s it.

Well, my style? I just want it to be as simple as it is and natural. I usually took sunset shots and silhouettes because I find calmness looking at it. I also love stolen shots in monochrome to make it more classic. Street photography, I tried this once when I was in college and I like it too. I want to try it again but busy days are here because of work.

Photography tools

Here are my best of friends when it comes to photo enhancements. Obviously, the Photoshop is a no brainer but I seldom use it because I find Lightroom more helpful in adjusting the colors. I don’t edit my photos much because I believe in natural beauty. Oftentimes, I am using online applications for filtering. I enjoy editing so much that I almost spend a day doing it.

Right now, I just find photography a refreshing hobby. On the other side, it also teaches me how to appreciate small things in life and notice the beauty that aren’t noticeable with every photograph that I took. It taught me how to tell stories behind those pictures and what it values to me. I think I am not taking this professionally but if an opportunity comes, why not try.

Treasure moments and turn them into memories with just a camera click.

Just started my photo blog, feel free to visit:

Thanks! 🙂



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