Food Trip: Tempura Japanese Grill



Because Moi and I are food lovers, and lately we are trying different restaurants when we had a chance to and we’re on our Oplan Taba version 2 now, I’ve decided to have this portion on my blog. “Food Trip” which is a term we used when we are having food trips. (Very helpful definition there). My first food post was about Sambo-Kojin.

Anyway, this time I’ll be talking about the Tempura Japanese Grill. We ate at their Trinoma branch.

DSCN2786The place was okay and I like it because it has a yellow feeling to it, I’m talking about the lights. I’m such a sucker for dim lights. 😛

DSCN2799We ordered their Ebi Tempura (bestseller),  Spareribs Sansho Yaki, Ebi Bacon Maki and Chahan (rice).

DSCN2816The tempura is big and it’s also tasty but if you’re searching for the magical taste, I guess this has nothing special about it. But it’s still okay okay.

DSCN2806Their Bacon Maki is the best. Especially to my boyfriend whose a sucker for cheese. Definitely will go back to their place because of this.

DSCN2813I totally forgot the name of this rice dish, but I googled for it and I found a post calling this, “Chahan”. Anyway, it’s a japanese rice with soy sauce, shrimps, and vegetables with dilis as its side dish. The dilis is like an appetizer because aside from it’s quite heavy, it has this “umay” taste to it.

DSCN2818And lastly, the Spareribs Sansho Yaki which is also good. Tendered beef deep in teriyaki sauce with potatoes and mushrooms on the sides.

All in all, the place and food was okay except for their super delicious bacon maki. 🙂 Visit them at their other branches:

Happy eating! 🙂




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