Like a Rolling Stone

image (5) A Vespa ride somewhere in the South while the sun sets plus a Bob Dylan’s classic with the famous line, “How does it feel to be on your own? Like a rolling stone?” Indeed, a perfect way to wander around and reflect on life.

Several months ago, I’ve been writing entries, some sort of creative writing thingy on my Tumblr account and I think I miss it now. I’ve lost track. The drive in composing that I always get whenever I feel sad had already gone away. I guess I’m too happy right now that I couldn’t almost express it in words. What a shame it is to have not create something beautiful out of too much bliss. Honestly, I don’t want to end up as a writer whose works are only centered in darkness and loneliness. I can do better than that, but it can’t be helped sometimes.

Riding on a motorcycle with the wind touching your face is a symbol of freedom for me. I am a free spirit as my zodiac sign says and I swear to believe it. I like all kinds of freedom even the rebellious kind to some. And it’s not new to me that anytime soon I’ll sure should be independent. I’m not getting any younger and I’m not being irresponsible, I should say. There’s just a time that I’m searching for fun and it happens that it’s far out there so I’ll packed up and look for it. Adventurer is what I am, physically not, philosophically indeed.

A lover of life and a rebel kid sometimes.



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