Food Trip: A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante


A dinner date with the siblings last Wednesday at A Veneto Restaurant in Trinoma. This time we ate the Italian way.

DSCN3945 DSCN3951 DSCN3953

The place has a vintage feel and of course, Italian interiors. We had a hard time locating it so we need a directory which was very helpful though. It was in the hidden part of the mall so I expected there weren’t a lot of people, but it was plenty enough.

DSCN3948 DSCN3959

‘Cause we’re “takaw-tingin” people, we ordered a lot. As in, a lot. They have big servings.


First is their A Veneto Family Platter. It composes of crabsticks, cheddar muncher, chicken wings and french fries with two different sauces, sour cream and tomato sauce. Yes, the dish is very American but I still love it. I’m not fan of crabsticks nor Moi, but theirs were good.


Second is their Baked Mussels. We expected a cheesy mussels because we had one at another restaurant before, but since this is Italian, it’s the sour taste of the tomato sauce that dominated.


The third one is their Lasagna. As expected, it has the Italian sour feel to it. It was a heavy meal because of the ground beef and lasagna noodles.


Fourth is the Fettucine with Seafood and Asparagus. The combination of my two loves: white sauce pasta and seafood. We haven’t tasted much of it because it was the last dish that we tried but I still consider it great.


The last one is their New England’s Best Pizza. How I love its large mushroom cuts and bell peppers. It’s okay, not that super good.

DSCN3970 DSCN3980 DSCN3978DSCN4002DSCN4006

Now that I realized, we ordered a total of 5 dishes. That’s why we weren’t able to finish it all. Not because it’s not good but because they have big servings and we’re quite full ’cause of DQ’s Blizzard. Hahahahaha! 

If you’re looking for a casual Italian dining, I recommend this place and their servings are worth the price. 🙂




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