Why I love Johnny Depp?

Or should I say why do we love Johnny Depp?

Because it my’s tattooed bad boy’s birthday today, I think he deserves an appreciation post from me. (Feeling ko naman mababasa niya ‘to)

Why do I freakin’ love Johnny Depp?

This is the question. I’ll list it down  like a high school student answering an enumeration exam.

1. Eccentric


I think it’s been almost ten years since I first saw him in Edward Scissorhands. And I can still remember the happiness I felt when I had the first glance of his weirdness. It was a summer of 2003 at my uncle’s house, HBO presented his first ever quirky movie with Tim Burton and I was in awe.  Back then, I don’t like weird stuff or even weird people but I swear I started liking them because of him. I don’t even know his name that time and I think I suddenly forgot about him because it was a busy day in high school and I have other priorities.

Then, I saw him again in Sleepy Hollow when we were tackling about Ichabod Crane in our English class. I can’t even recognize him because he looks so normal there than in Scissorhands, of course. My English teacher has also a crush on him.

2. Versatile


This is a truth. Of all the characters he had played, from Edward to his latest American Indian native (Lone Ranger), how could he not be considered a versatile actor? I so love his character choices and how he was really engrossed on playing it. Even though some of it weren’t recognized or weren’t on the highest-grossing film list, he always took pride on it. I admire his courageousness on choosing a role that was really hard to portray, and even admire him for being able to give life to it.

3. Art

johnny_depp_golden_gods_awards 620

Aside from his craft in acting, I also do admire him in other things. He is a musician, a painter and a writer. He almost had it all. Before I’ve learned about these things about him, I am an admirer but I am now a lover when I found out about it. He plays guitar, not an amateur but a real professional. He paints and draws, I saw her painting of Vanessa once which is also her album cover and I really envy her. And he is a writer, I read few of his writings about Tim Burton and Hunter S. Thompson. His writings are filled with genuiness and a deep appreciation for the person he writes about.

This is the things that I know about his art, maybe he has something else aside from these, who knows? Johnny is quite a hobbyist and very creative.

4. Principles

Most of us knows he is one hell of a bad boy and I’m really a sucker for I-dont-give-a-shit people, so I think this explains a lot. I’ve watched a lot of his interviews (you know how obsessed I am) and read a lot of his articles, well, Johnny is a man of a few yet profound words. He is a man of his own beliefs and principles and we can see he really stands to it.

I remember one of his quotes saying that,


 He has a lot to say really. In one of his interviews with the Actor’s Studio,


tumblr_lqckg9wK281qlknxjo9_r2_250Makes sense?

4. Looks


Well, this is a give-away rather a special bonus for a man who almost had it all. I love him first because of his weirdness but who could not fall for a gorgeous-looking guy like him? Well, you must be blind. Hahaha! I have a weakness for dirty looking guys and it really shows because of the list of crushes that I have including the love of my life (I love you Moi! ♥)

He is dirty. He has tattoos. He smokes but don’t get me wrong, I don’t promote smoking here, it not’s cool and it is really bad for our health.  He is a wine lover. Plus he is a woman lover.  I was really jealous of Vanessa when they were still together before, I think Johnny was a real gentleman but now I don’t know. I still love him though. 

To JD,

I’ll always be an admirer. All for JD. Have a pleasant birthday and I love you! 🙂

Forever and always,



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