Food Trip: Rai Rai Ken


Friday night, I had some crush hours with the sweetest guy in town, Moi. It was my first week at my new work so we got apart for the longest time. (Miss him so much.)


Because my new office is located near Cubao area, we decided to dropped by the Ali Mall to check their restaurants there. As we are suckers for Japanese dishes and it’s rainy seasons already, we landed at Rai Rai Ken (Ramen House) to fill our tummies.


I think this restaurant just opened recently ’cause we can still see a sight of their grand opening. When we arrived there, there are lots of people dining in but we still got our seats. The place was good. Tables and chairs are comfy. What I don’t like is the music, they are playing mainstream music (no offense) which is supposed to be some Japanese music like anime theme songs (according to Moi) I guess. I’m not being a know-it-all but the restaurant’s theme is Japanese so I guess they should be playing some Japanese songs instead. That’s just our opinion. Sarreh.


Let’s proceed with their food. We had a hard time placing our orders because they offer a varieties of ramen in their menu. Our choices are Super Umani Ramen and Jaja Ramen.


Jaja Ramen, peanut-butter based soup with mixed vegetables and meat. (as far I can remember). I don’t like peanut butter in main dishes like Kare-kare but this one’s for me is tolerable and it’s good.


Super Umani Ramen, mixed seafood, mushrooms and vegetables. The soup is very tasty and the seafood are very well-cooked.


Fish Fingers with Cheese, fish fillet with veggies on the side and some cheesy sauce. I can say no more, we loved it because of the cheese. 😛


Super California Maki, an upgraded California Maki. Well, it was good and okay but I think Tempura’s Bacon California Maki is still the best.


For our beverages, we ordered Mango Shake and Green Mango Shake.

All in all, we love their food especially their ramen. Nice to have it on rainy days like now. They have good customer service and a cute take-out packaging. 🙂



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