Food Trip: Yabu, The House of Katsu


This entry for Food Trip is what I’ve been craving for a long time now. At last, we had our real Katsu experience at Yabu, the House of Katsu at SM Megamall, Atrium.

DSCN4149 DSCN4146

We first have our drinks at Gong Cha while waiting for our turn at Yabu. We tried their Wintermelon Milk Tea and Mango Alisan Tea, which I’ve craving for a long time also. Gong Cha has the best milk tea alongside Y-Tree.

DSCN4137 DSCN4138 DSCN4144 DSCN4142

Going back at the House of Katsu, the Menchi set is what we are really looking forward to. Unfortunately, they ran out of it, such bad luck but anyways, we still ordered the other sets.

DSCN4157 DSCN4155

Mine was the Kurobuta set. It’s a katsu made from premium Kurobuta pork.

DSCN4170 DSCN4165 DSCN4172 DSCN4173

Moi ordered the Curry set of Rosu Kurobuta.

DSCN4177 DSCN4176

The set was jam-packed. It was served with unlimited Japanese rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing and a bowl of fruit. It was a full set.

What can I say, the meat was cooked very tenderly. I love their katsu sauce and their sliced cabbage with sesame dressing. On my preference, their miso soup is what I don’t like because I’m not really a fan of miso dishes.

DSCN4151 DSCN4153 DSCN4150

I noticed most of the Japanese and Korean restaurants, or should I say, fine dining restaurants has a kind of warm feeling because of their dim lights which I do like very much. And Yabu has this manga strips designs on their walls, telling the story behind the katsu dish.

My verdict, Esquire’s review is 100% true. Yabu has the best katsu in town and I would love to recommend it to the readers. We’ll go back for the Menchi set. Soon! 🙂

Visit their site:



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