A Kind of Rhythmic Love

Hopeless romantic, chick-flicks sucker, and a weirdoo is what I am. These are some of the characters that I possess. Like most of the girls out there, I do believe that there are love stories in movies that happens in real life. And that there’s a happily-ever-after and destiny and soul mates, and all of the above.

They say opposite attracts –  it worked for me at first but it all went wrong in the long run. Somehow, what they say about compatibility is quite true. And something happened.

I met him in my previous job in 2010. We got real close when I introduced a Muse song to him – Starlight, which he eventually liked. From then on, we had some songs sharing sessions. It all started there but it didn’t happen right away because we were in separate relationships that time. The rest of the story is an on-going history.

image (4)

We’ve been together for a year now and the delight of having a partner who is almost exactly a lot like you is the best. He is like a boy version of me and vice versa. We have same taste on almost everything – from the songs we’re listening to to the beliefs we have. Like one of our friends thought about us, “there will be nothing to fight about because we are very much similar.” However, there is no perfect relationship. We still had our petty misunderstandings sometimes but we always talked about it. We are also like normal couples but we’re a bit weird. Hahaha!

It meant a lot to us when we know that we are always here for each other. Whatever decision each of us will make, there is a support system. And I think what’s important is you know how to respect one another – not just because you love each other but because you see your partner as someone who should be respected. Lastly, trust the love that you have because this is the foundation of a good relationship.

Why rhythmic? Because as the dictionary defines it; it is harmonious, flowing and melodious. A kind of love that God blessed us with, and we’re very much thankful for that.

image (6)

Moi, thanks for making me believe in make-believe. Let’s continue on with the rhythm. ❤



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