First Corporate Life

Exactly one month ago, I left my very first job and got signed for a new one.  If you all know, I am an IT graduate and currently working as a Systems Developer. What I’m going to talked about here is my first job experience, my very first corporate life.

Pressure is number one in your list on the first day. I still remember the time I went inside the room and met all the people there. Some were in their corporate attires, some weren’t. People were busy with their computers, all were working except me. Hahaha! ‘Cause it was just my first day, all I did was to familiarize myself with the tasks and the atmosphere. Just thankful that my office mates were very friendly and accommodating.

“I need to meet their expectations, I should looked like I’m very much interested,” these were what goes through my head all those times. Good thing that I was able to catch up. Bragging aside, I’ve done a project for their internal operations and I am proud.  It was fulfilling and because of that, I was able to adjust right away.

Not going into anymore of my job details but I can say I got some real thing going on there. I guess I am just blessed because the working atmosphere and our team’s working relationship was very nice that I was able to stay there for 2 and a half years. There’s a lot of things that the company taught me.

  • Whatever happens, stay professional.
  • Respect everyone.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Practice your right.
  • Know your limits.

Nothing is permanent, change is constant. Such truth exists everywhere, even in our jobs. There will come a time when we would think about the future, our career growth, and it’s now my turn. The sad thing is leaving your team whom you have learned to love and created a friendship with. It was the happy times that were shared together that you’ll probably miss.

Goodbye is really a sad thing but sometimes it’s the right thing to do. Just don’t forget to acknowledge the people who helped and been there for you.


Thank you RMKR! 🙂



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