A Short Thought about Today

It’s the middle of August today and I’m watching the news right now – and I thought “this is a sick month we have right here.”

I’ve been home-bound for more than a week because I got sick and heavy rains caused our work to be suspended. I had all the time in the world to bum around – sleep, eat, read, browse the internet and watch tv. Honestly, I have no interest on knowing the local scene ’cause it’s all social statuses and bad news all over. Yes, I am right, ours are so horrible.

What I’m talking about is the pork barrel scam led by the Napoles company and other government officials including senators and congressman. I can’t stand hearing the reporters stating the amount they stole from the Filipinos who are paying their taxes consistently. It is not right to judge anyone without having an evidence but please, if you aren’t hiding anything and you have a clear conscience then just show up and defend yourself. Or if you are guilty, be brave to face the punishments just like how you are brave to stole all the billion pesos from the pockets of the people.

We are in the midst of a crisis right now because of the calamity we are going through and because of the greediness of the public officials who swore to serve the country but they’re not. Hindi na sila naawa. I hope the president will formally abolish the pork barrels. Public service is serving with or without pay.

God bless the Philippines.



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