Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

One of the first Smith’s song that I’ve listened to. Morissey had combined a lonely-happy very ironic lyrics and a kind of depressing melody in this song. I am obsessed with it. (obviously I made it this post’s title).

I heard it again on the radio when I was at work and I thought it is perfect. “Heaven knows how miserable we are”, a strong phrase and I took it literally. Seldom that I find myself indulged in my random memories, the kind which have a pang of pain. Some buried these things deep down in their minds and never recalls it. In this case, it is different for me. Though I’ve gone through a devastating past – strangely, it’s one of the things that I cherish. It may not be as excruciating compare to others, but I must say we have one thing in common; standing up after the storm.

It’s the loneliness that worsens the pain, same thing that will kill it. If we feel alone, we needed somebody to hang on to. It can be anything or anyone, and this is what the phrase is about. About having someone who watches us; who exactly knows how we feel; who knows exactly what we need. These are the times when I feel blessed despite feeling lonely. The One in heaven knows all and He is also the answer.

It may have sounded so religious, so spiritually guided but this is what I know for certainty – that whatever you’re going through, think of the times when you’ve felt exactly what you’re feeling. Not to feel more worse but just to remind you that you can brush it all up and stand tall because heaven knows.



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