Hello September!

Any updates? What’s new? Questions I feel that I need to answer whenever I am in front of my blog. Well, there’s a lot going on with me lately but first things first, BER months are here. I can smell the holiday season or more likely the expenses! Let’s look at the August that gone by.

Aside from the massive theft that certain (I hope not all) public officials had done, it was 50% good and 50% not-so-okay.


Last month marked my second month on my new job and I was given tasks for the company’s project. Unfortunately, at the middle of reviewing and all the turnover stuff, I got sick. Not once but twice, and different causes. Because of that, I’ve been absent for almost two weeks. It is extremely boring being a bum at home especially if you’re sick and can’t even move easily. Worst is I wasn’t able to attend certain gatherings. So horrible! And I hate taking a lot of medicines because I don’t want to be too dependent on it. However, the golden rule is “Prevention is better than cure.” And always remember that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I think being informed about what’s good for our body is the first step of preventing sickness. So I read as much as I could about health tips and I also take my vitamins daily.

Maring and low pressure made a water world out of Metro Manila. Almost forgot that BER months are not just holiday seasons but rainy seasons as well. Floods all over the city. Suspended classes. Stranded families. And it came to me, “where are all the taxes?” Here are my rants again. Enough for that ’cause I know most of the Filipinos today are already aware of that. I just hope there’s still justice.


Something good that I have nowadays is my work. I’m just happy with how things are going. And I can say that I love my job. A career path that I took and I look forward to in the future. Well, the only downside to it is that I don’t have enough time to rest especially on weekdays where I have to do my Work #2 after my Work #1 at the office. But hey! These are blessings so I just gonna give thanks for that!

What I love about August is what I’m loving now. I’m talking about my personal August favorites which I’m having a separate post for that. It’s just the typical list of things that I found pleasure in on this particular month. I’m kinda in the mood of shopping spree lately!

I got a new phone and what’s the meaning of a new phone? More apps, lotsa selfies, tweets, reblogs, and all those kinds of social networking must-try, I’m fond of posting on Instagram (to my followers: please be patient with me), editing pictures, and Tumblr. And the best thing about it, I can write posts here in my blog through my phone anytime anywhere. 🙂

You know how it felt to be so stressed at office works and all? No time to socialize and meet old friends – that’s what I miss a lot. So every chance of meet-ups, social gatherings and get-togethers, as much as I can, I always find time for that. ‘Cause it’s awesome to talk and reminisce good old times with good old friends.

August was slightly irritating, still it was a fun month. I hope September will be great! I wanted to post some inspiring photo but I guess I don’t have one. So I hope a selfie will inspire you. 🙂

Me after being sick for weeks.

Me after being sick for weeks.



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