August & September Favorites

Hi there! It’s been a (very long) while since I have updated this blog. So for now, I have a few things to share you with. This is a Sarah Meier’s and Bubz Beauty inspired post wherein they list their current favorite things of the month. Well, I have my own also so here it goes (in no particular order):

Ever Bilena Semi-matte Lipstick


Photo Credits: Jemimah Reyes

I am a lipstick girl and one of my favorites is the Ever Bilena Watermelon semi-matte lipstick. It has an everyday feel to it because the color is a bit pinkish to light peach. And it does not make the lips so dry because it’s only semi-matte. I can wear it everyday with different outfits.

Ponds BB Cream


I’m not a foundation type of make-up user but I find this cream very nice to my skin. Since college, Ponds products are the only face products that I used which have no violent reaction to my skin. So when I’m on the deciding point of choosing a BB Cream (since it’s quite a trend to use one nowadays), my first choice is Ponds BB Cream. And I can tell that I made the right decision. It lasts for a day with just the right amount of application and a nice press powder to top it.

Mumi Items


Last month, I bought a Scallet red wallet from Mumi in Greenhills. Mumi is an online store of bags and other lovely items. They have their own show room at Greenhills and when I visited them, I instantly fell in love with it. Their items have lovely designs with a semi-leather texture to it. It was not that expensive but quite pricey but it was all worth it.

The Morning Rush (RX 93.1)


It’s been a year since I last listened to this three fantastic duo and I missed them a lot! So when I got a chance to listen to them again, I’ve included them to my morning routine because they are funny and very relax to listen to. How I wish Del would come back the soonest so the fun can be complete again. When I go to work and arrived at the office, I plugged in my ear phones and voila! A refreshing and fun morning!

The Walking Dead


I’m a bit outdated about this series but it’s not too late. I heard about this from my classmate in college and he said ’twas good but I was so busy that time so I delayed watching it. Then, I had my extra time last month so I downloaded the three seasons and there’s our addiction. My boyfriend and I would watch it every weekend and we finished the three seasons in total of 7 days I think. The story was so great that you’ll definitely be hooked with it. And I got a thing for Rick (so gorgeous). Season 4 will be premiere this October and we can’t wait!

Watsons Aloe Vera Facial Mask

Watsons Radiant & Moisturising Facial Mask 600

Two weeks ago, I bought this facial mask from Watsons out of curiosity and because it was made in Korea so I decided to try it. I applied it on my face for 15 minutes and I’m telling you, it was so refreshing and it smells  so good. It makes our face hydrated and smooth plus it’s super affordable for only 49php.

Victoria Secret Brilliant Love Perfume


When it comes to odors and colors, I’m very particular. I only have two VS perfumes which I like, Pink Wild Kiss and Wild & Breezy Body Mist. It has a super sweet and a bit fruity scent to it. So when I smelled this VS perfume from my auntie, it was a bit different but it made me kilig. It’s not that sweet and fruity but it has a classic scent to it. I love it!

Lipton Green Tea


My current favorite drink though I shouldn’t drink it often because I’m quite acidic but I still love it. Well, it’s a green tea, what we can expect, it has these antioxidants thing in it so it’s good for our cells. It tastes good.

Eiffel Tower Ring


My addiction to Eiffel Towers triggered when I saw this cute little vintage ring on the Girl Shoppe stall in Greenhills. I just literally wear it and then paid. ❤

Camera360 and Photo Grid 

PicMonkey Collage

Photo editor apps on Android phones that makes your photos beautiful. You know I’m into amateur photography these days and I love using these apps to add filters to my photos. It creates a vintage look like it was actually shot by a film camera.

Katy Perry’s Roar

What else can I say, the Katy Perry now is perfection! The song is great, the video is great and entertaining, and she is so beautiful.

So there’s my current favorites for the past two months! I’ll try to keep updated with everything, hopefully every month. ‘Til next month! Ciao! 🙂



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