The Collective

Last August, my boyfriend and I went to Makati to buy wheels and trucks for his newly-bought long board. We dropped by The Collective located at Malugay Street in Makati where Longboards Manila shop is located.

It was two years ago since I heard about this place that looks a lot like Cubao Expo from a colleague. I already went to Cubao Expo and I’m in love with the place especially the vintage shops there. So when we got here, I had some deja vu feel to it. It is and isn’t like Cubao Ex. The place is more classy because hello, “ganito sila sa Makati”. I don’t say that Expo is not really good at all. It is, but here is more chic and fun for me at least.

We didn’t explore the place that much because we’re kinda in a hurry and hungry. Hahaha! We saw some art and music shops, a few diners and great graffiti walls. Here are some of the shots I took:

1 3 4 8You can see more of the place here on my photo blog:

The Collective is located at 7274 Malugay Street San Antonio, Makati Philippines  or go to their website at:


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