Food Trip: The Wingman

If you’ve already read about my last post before this, you already know that we went to The Collective in Makati to dropped by at Longboards Manila (which I’ll have another post). After we roamed around here and there, we dined in at what they call the famous buffalo wings, The Wingman.


Paul (the staff in Longboards Manila) suggested this place to us when we asked him about what’s the best food resto there in The Collective. According to him, it has a very good review and was even featured on TV so we were encouraged to try it. When we arrived, there were no available seats so we waited for awhile.



I say the place is quite small but it has a very cool vibe to it. The interior has a combination of cool and classy look. I love wall colors, red and black. And one thing that I really like is their bar, it is really elegant with all the beverages and wines displayed. After a few minutes, we settled on our seats and ordered our food.


Classic Buffalo in Medium, buffalo wings with a sour cream dip. It’s so saucy and a little spicy. The sauce of the chicken is a mixture of sweet and sour, the sour taste dominates in this one.


Shoestring fries with cheese dips. It was okay and quite crunchy. Good when dipped into the cheese.


Iron Skillet Qaueso. Tangy queso cheese with chunks of Mexican seasoned beef served in a sizzling plate with crispy tortilla chips. This one was not really on our list of our original order but I was kinda envious on the other table who ordered this one. It was really inviting and I say this dish is superb if you are a certified cheese lover. I can only order this and be contented.

Wingman Signature Rice (which I don’t have a picture), rice with fresh herbs and vegetables. Their rice is so tasty because of the herbs in it.


Fried Coke, simply a fried Coca-Cola soft drink. We were just intrigued about this so we tried it. Nothing special, it just tastes a delicacy which I tasted when I was young.


  • Place – 5/5
  • Food – 4.8/5
  • Service – 4/5



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