Longboards Manila

Last August, my boyfriend and I went to Longboards Manila at The Collective in Makati to completely assemble his first ever longboard. The place is very cozy and the staff, Paul was so nice and accommodating.

image (1)

(Please excuse me for this post ’cause I’m not really that familiar especially in a very technical way when it comes to skateboarding and longboarding so I got help from Moi in this one.)

The store sells longboard decks with brands like Landyachtz, Jet, Omen, Rayne, Loaded, etc. For the trucks, they have Ronin, Bear, Gullwing, etc. Then they have Mini Monsters, Orangatang, etc. for the wheels. They also sell Stereo Vinyl Cruisers and protection gears for safe skate and long boarding. Their products are 100% authentic and are shipped from USA.

image (2)
image (4) image (3) image (5) image (6)

image (12)

Paul, the staff and also a longboarder accommodates us and assembles Moi’s long-board. I say he is very friendly and 100% helpful. Because Moi is a first timer, he explained to him some information about it. From the trucks and wheels that should be used to why these are the ones to be used, he elaborated it to him. He also gave some tips and beginner’s guide to longboarding. And Paolo who is the owner of the store is very friendly as well.

image (9)

image (10)

image (13)
image (15)

image (14)

Moi’s longboard specs:

  • Deck – Landyachtz Switch 35
  • Trucks – Caliber truck Acid Melon 44 degree
  • Wheels – Mini Monster Hawgs 70mm 78a

image (16)

I guess when you have this passion on something, it really shows. You have all the enthusiasm and eagerness in you because you are that passionate to do it. I say these people like the staff in Longboards Manila, Moi and all the other longboarders and skateboarders out there really love and enjoy what they do. It gives them life.

image (11)

image (7)

So it’s been almost 3 months since our visit here, Moi has improved a lot. He can now ride his longboard along the street. I also tried it last week and I enjoyed it. I think I’d like to have one myself. 🙂


So anyway, for more information about Longboards Manila, visit their sites at:

Or go to their store at:

The Collective, 7274 Malugay Street, 1203 Makati City



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