Lend a Hand for Yolanda Victims

Seeing the aftermath of the super typhoon Yolanda on the Visayas region,
I suddenly remember the time when I went to Marikina for a relief operation because of the typhoon Ondoy.


It was my first time to go on a mission like that and what I witnessed was something you can’t imagined. On our way to the school where a lot of residents are evacuated, we bumped into some of the victims who were roaming around the streets. They were running after our truck. I don’t want to describe them like the zombies in movies, but they’re literally acting like that.

At first, we were very scared of what they might do to us. But later on, after we saw the whole village drowned in mud, houses and cars were full of the flood’s debris, almost nothing left of them, we understood. They wanted our help. They were starving and exhausted. They simply seek refuge. I can’t blame them for doing things that are unlikely of who they really are. It is a basic human instinct.

Now, our fellowmen in the Visayas and Mindanao region are extremely affected by Yolanda. Luckily, I don’t have families there, but for those who have, they need us. There are lots of ways in which we can help them.

Volunteer. Listed below is the link to the organizations and groups that need volunteers for the relief operations.

Donate. Listed are ways to donate (thru SMS, dine-in, shop for a cause, concert and tickets for a cause.)

Donate through SMS


For those who are outside of the Philippines:


Polytechnic University of the Philippines donation notice:


Philippine National Red Cross



Share. If you are into social media, there are still things you can do. In my part, I feel like
I have to post about this to share something and somehow inform the people that
we should lend a helping hand in times like these. Share some helpful information through blogging, tweeting, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

As much as I wanted to go and volunteer as this moment, I can’t. I still have my 5 days work until Friday. This is what the least I can do for now. I am planning to go to Red Cross QC Chapter at Quezon City Hall this weekend for their relief operations. I am encouraging the readers to do so if you have free time. Set aside our differences and social statuses, this is the time that we should cooperate and unite as one.

God bless the Philippines!



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