Why Blog?

January is the anniversary month for my WordPress blog and it’s my first year.

A few days ago,I literally crammed for what will I post here just to stay updated and to fulfill my so-called duties as a “blogger”. At the back of my mind, I ask myself “Why do I blog?” and I can’t seem to find the right answer. I sometimes struggle on thinking what topics to write about and all. Come the end of day, I have nothing on my mind. And I thought maybe I’m just a careful blogger, I see to it that what I share is something not so personal and sort of general for everybody.

I read a lot of blogs. The authors share same feelings with me when it comes to this thing. Especially to those that are categorized under the lifestyle section, some days are really not that inspiring. Mine, I can say is it’s in this category. I post about food trips, shopping, beauty, travels and a lot more. Pretty much what I do and fond of for that time being. In spite of enjoying this, I still have doubts.

It’s not just about narcissism but somehow it’s a way of connecting and helping people. Maybe posting about food trips, beauty tips, and travels can look like you’re bragging about it but you’re not. It’s a way of giving helpful information for people who wanted to know about it. I just realized this while I’m browsing for tips in beauty, travel destinations and food. I’m very thankful to those writers who make informative reviews about these things. And then there’s the inspirational ones, which really boost self-confidence and talk to our hearts.

I may be one of the many who is considered  as a mainstream follower because blogging is so overrated nowadays. I found the essence why I write what I write now. And knowing that there are readers out there makes me wanna write even more.

I’m truly grateful and honored to all the readers and followers. Thank you for giving your time on reading my entries! 🙂



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