Food Trip: Mexicali

A super late post of another foodie experience from January. This time it’s the Mexican way.


For dinner, we tried Mexicali Restaurant in Greenhills Promenade. This branch has a small place but it’s very Mexican. I love the whole interior design and atmosphere.

Our orders were:

Ground Beef Enchiladas, soft tortillas filled with choice of meat or cheese, topped with our secret ranchers sauce and sour cream served with rice. It has a superb mexican taste, delicious and worth the price. The serving is good for 2.


Chicken Enchiladas, same with ground beef but this time it’s chicken. The chicken is deep fried and I say it’s good but not that great. It’s also for two persons.

Taco Pizza, it’s a pizza made of taco ingredients. This dish I think is only for their Christmas promo. It’s like a taco in pizza form. I didn’t have a photo of it but it’s quite appetizing.

All in all, Mexicali has good mexican dishes in their menu. Plus the atmosphere of the place is also very mexican. In one word, it’s delicioso!

Food – 4.5/5
Place – 4.8/5
Staff – 4/5



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