Jack & Me

I remember watching Marley & Me for the first time and wanting also to have a dog of my own. I saw in that movie how dogs are very loyal to their owners and they are truly a man’s best friend. I cried at the end.

As much as I like to have a dog, I also don’t want to have one. I’ve had a bad experience with them. I was bitten before, the injury was not so serious, just a little scratch. But because I was too afraid that I might be affected by their rabies, I freaked out and panicked. I was crying real hard and begging my mom to bring me to the hospital for the anti-rabies vaccine. From that time on, I have a phobia with dogs especially the stray ones who are lurking on the streets.

But some dogs are so irresistibly cute especially the small and furry ones. Upon reading Saab Magalona’s blog, I got pretty envious of her having Joey, a black and brown Pomeranian breed. Then watching Bubz Vlogs, my enviousness grew more when I saw her Chubbi (white Pomeranian breed) and Domo (apricot brown Toy Poodle breed). Theirs are so adorable.

Then one day, my boyfriend gave me a very tiny Pomeranian Teacup puppy. It was a birthday present and according to him, it will be our baby for now. I named him Jack, after my favorite cartoon character Jack Skellington and one of Johnny Depp’s characters Jack Sparrow. One factor also is his color, black (anong connect?). Anyways, he was 2 months old when we got him. Moi bought him from a breeder in Sulit.ph. He has a lot of dogs with different breeds and he sells them for a little cheaper than their original price. I hesitated to use the word “sell” for these dogs but this is what really is going on. Breeders breed dogs and then sells them to whoever wants to own them. The good thing about breeders, for me, is that they do really love the animals. They took real good care of them until the time that they will be given to their new owners. I just don’t like how the word “sell” is used for animals.

Going back, my boyfriend knows that I’m not really an animal lover neither do I am an animal hater. I think I’m just in between. He also knows that I idolized Saab Magalona and watched Bubz vlogs and is fond of their respective pet dogs. Maybe he had mistaken my admiration for them as a sign that I also wanted to have a dog of mine. The thing is, I also knew even before he gave me Jack that a dog will be his birthday present for me but I didn’t stopped him because I know he’s so excited for me and he will be sad if I did. So now, we have Jack.

When Jack arrived, he was so stressed because of the long hours of travelling to our house. Then after minutes of resting, he stood up and played with us. He is so furry, tiny and so cute. The breeder gave us a puppy food and a milk for him to eat. He wasn’t eating a lot for the first few days because he was still exploring our place. Sometimes, he was crying because he doesn’t want to be left alone.

To tell you the truth, my first day alone with him was very stressful. I recently had my first major tooth surgery and the dentist advised me to go on a leave and rest a lot. But because I had to take care of Jack, I had to do a lot. I woke up early because he woke up early. I had to prepare his food which he didn’t even touched. I had to wipe his poop and pee every now and then. I had to play with him because he seems very lonely. I couldn’t even have a real good nap because he was going round and round. I was really tired and quite annoyed.


Seriously, having a pet is like having a baby of your own. It takes a lot of responsibility to raise a dog. As I’ve said, I’m really not an animal lover but I’m not saying that I don’t like having Jack around. It’s just that I think I’m not yet ready to have him. I even cried the night after because I couldn’t take good care of him. I don’t have enough patience and enthusiasm. And what’s so wrong about having him this early is we didn’t prepare for his things like his bed, food and drinking plate, shampoo, comb, etc. We’re not that prepared. It even came to me that if I still can’t take good care of him for the coming weeks, I might give him to someone who can. I just wanted him to be in real good care because he’s so precious.


Now, I still have my pet. Good thing my boyfriend convinced me to have a little more patience. Eventually, I learned how to take care of him. We bought him a bed, food and drinking plate, shampoo, comb and towel, and an enormous play pen where he can run and play a lot. I’m thinking of buying him a potty trainer for his poops and pees and a cooling mat for preparation for the upcoming summer season. I am reading a lot of puppy advice these days and I get anxious when he’s behaving differently. I get angry when someone is not treating him properly. Currently, he’s doing pretty well. He already knows how to jump, a little bit of sit and high five commands. He’s very energetic and tends to get excited a lot of times, I guess it’s a Pomeranian trait. Unfortunately, I spend only a few times with him because I had to go to work every weekdays. And sometimes, I arrived home exhausted from the office, that’s why I can’t play with him for a long time. Still one of my joys in life now is going home to him especially when he wiggles his tail whenever he sees me. How cute.

Lessons learned about my dog parenting experience are:

  • You should know if you’re really ready and capable enough to have a pet of your own. It’s enjoying but it’s not easy. It takes a pocketful of patience and love for the pet. In my case, I have love for cute dogs but I’m not yet ready. Still, I did all my best to take care of Jack and I eventually learn to love him even more and now, I think I’m ready.
  • Never own a pet just because you envy someone who has or you just want to copy someone whom you idolize. If in your heart, don’t really like owning in the first place, then don’t own one. It’s the pet that will suffer not you.
  • If you can’t take good care of them, then give it someone who can. It’s the best thing for your pet even though it’s a sad thing to do.
  • Be knowledgeable. Read a lot of dog advice for them. In this way, you will understand what’s good and bad, how they behave and how you can teach them tricks and commands.
  • Treat them like human beings. They have feelings too. They have their necessities too.
  • Love them unconditionally because they love you in that way too. I realized that there’s a truth behind the saying that “dogs are the man’s bestfriend.” Because dogs, even if you get angry and frustrated at them, they still approach and cuddle you like there’s nothing happened. They stay by your side whatever happens and that’s real love.

I hope I’ve shared some helpful lessons about my experience with my jet black Jack. It’s a wonderful feeling when you know you have a loyal friend who is patiently waiting for you at home and when you finally arrives, the friendship continues forever.


If you want to have one, I recommend this breeder. You can find him in this link, mypet101. His dogs have all the vaccine they should get and with PCCI papers. Guaranteed credible.

For your dog’s personal things, you can check these online sellers, TropicoPH and BonesNPaws They have good products at an affordable price.

To learn more about your dogs, you can attend this event by the famous Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan in Eastwood Central Plaza on April 29, 2014.


Happy dog parenting! 🙂



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