Wisdom Tooth

Maybe you’ve all heard about the old myth of a tooth that they call “wisdom tooth”. It was said that this particular tooth grows when someone is wise enough in life. The other story is it will give you wisdom when it’s starting to grow. While according to studies, it’s the third molar that is last to appear and will complete the set of our teeth. One will get it around an average of 19 to 25 years old. But some get it at an early age or older.

Well, mine appeared two weeks ago. At first, I thought it was only an ordinary toothache. Then later on, my gums were starting to swell and my mom said it could be my wisdom tooth. She told me that it is normal to feel pain and it will erupt by itself after two or three days so I just ignore it even if it hurts real bad. Then Monday came, I had to report to work still there’s no sign that it’s erupting. So I went to the dentist to check and she said that it’s just a wisdom tooth and it’s normal. I was told to take pain relievers and antibiotics for the pain and gum swelling.

After two days, there’s still no progress at all. It gave me a lot of discomfort. Aside from it really hurts bad, I can’t eat and speak properly. I knew there’s something wrong so I went to have an xray. The result was I have an impacted wisdom tooth. Here it shows that it is horizontally impacted and is pushing my other tooth. It should be removed by a surgery or else it will cause an infection.


The wisdom tooth surgery costs around 15,000 pesos in the clinic that I took my xray with. You can tell by their facilities that it will be that expensive. In fairness to my panoramic xray, it’s digital. They’re really updated with the latest machines. I was about to schedule an appointment in that clinic when my officemate recommended me another one that is way too cheaper. So I decided to give it a try.

Enrico Capulong Dental Clinic is located at the 11th floor of Medical Plaza Building in Ortigas. When we arrived there, we expected it to be a small private clinic because that’s what I know about dental clinics. Surprisingly, it’s like a hospital with a lot of dentists. Dentists who seems to be young and fresh in this field. They assist several patients everyday and most of it are for braces. I guess it’s their specialty.

So I registered and fill up necessary forms and waited for my name to be called. In my checkup with the dentist, I showed him my panoramic xray and agreed that it’s indeed a impacted wisdom tooth. The cost of the surgery depends on how crucial the procedure will be. In my case, it’s quite hard so they costs me 8,000 pesos for the surgery only. Not bad compared to my previous clinic. Then they offered me a deal of extracting my 5 other teeth that are already damaged. One tooth extraction costs 500 pesos but they gave it to me for only 2,000 pesos for 5. All I paid in total is 10,000 pesos. It’s very affordable and a smart deal compared to my previous quoting.

Did I tell you that it was my first tooth extraction ever? It’s not because I have good set of teeth but it’s because I didn’t go to dental clinics for checkup when I was still young. So that’s why I have few damaged teeth. Since it’s my first time, I felt a bit nervous but it didn’t bother me. What I really wanted that time is to remove my freaking wisdom tooth immediately. The procedure took almost 1 hour and if you will ask me about the whole experience, it was good. Except for that painful anesthesia injection on my upper left gums, the rest was done smoothly.

After the operation, I was refrained to eat solid foods. I had soft and cold diet and took a lot of antibiotics and pain killers. It wasn’t easy at all but it’s really a relief. It’s been almost two weeks since that and right now, I can happily smile with my teeth.

Here are some of the tips I came up with from that experience:

  • Have a regular dental checkup as much as possible. Practice this routine at an early age because it will benefit you in the future. And remember, prevention is better than cure.
  • If you are feeling a bit odd about your wisdom tooth, go to your dentist immediately. Much better if you will have a panoramic xray to have a better view of your teeth structure. This way you will know if there’s something wrong or none.
  • Be smart in choosing your dentist or dental clinic. Yes, it’s better if you can spend only a small amount on your teeth but it’s a no-no if it’s not safe. Maybe it’s cheaper but check it first if they are credible or ask for a recommendation. You can’t risk your life for just saving a little amount of money.

Take good care of your teeth because your smile is the only curve that makes anything straight! 🙂



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