The Red Notebook

Almost two months since I last updated this blog, I spent my days doing what we call life. I still browse my phone every now and then, Instagramming and Facebooking. Oh what the hell social media! However in between those, there were errands that needed to be done. As I went on with it, it came to my mind the phrase, “You know you’re getting old”. Things should be taken seriously at times. There will be moments when you’ll stare at nothing in particular,  and your mind is completely empty with no specific reason. It’s a bit weird, isn’t it?

Everybody feels that way. Whenever it kicks me, I suddenly found myself writing on a piece of paper or on untitled notepad the random thoughts that I have. Years ago, I remember having a pocket notebook inside my bag and I just jot down all the things that came to my mind randomly. It’s like an on-the-go journal. Currently, I own four or five notebooks (I’m not quite sure) wherein all the prose and poems that I composed were all written. I even posted some of my poems on my Tumblr account. But there’s this one notebook that is completely empty. It’s a red notebook and I bought it because I would like to transfer  all the contents of the others into it. Right this very moment, I have change my mind.


My previous compositions were a mixed of dark and light thoughts. Though most of it were dark, lonely and sad. Yes, some people express their feelings well whenever they feel down. I must admit my composition skills are quite better when I feel sad compare to being happy. I don’t wanna be that kind of person. I wanna start again. So I’ll start with the red notebook. I write new chapters, express new feelings. Hopefully most of it are about love and happiness.

Actually, I’ve written a poem recently. Though it’s contrary to what I would like to start with, it means so much to me. So I decided to give a space for some of my compositions here on my blog. It’s just feels good to write something out of your soul and have that satisfying feeling like you were talking to another person and he/she understands what you’re up to very well. To me, a notebook is your best friend of all the best friends that you have. You write on it and then right after you put down your pen, all the feelings goes away and you are well.



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