Current Favorites: March & April

My second post for the current favorites category for the month. Last year, I made a deal to myself that I will post my current favorites every month religiously. But things have gotten pretty busy lately and I just thought that it’s not every month that you’ll have different sets of favorites. You know, I’m just being honest here so anyway, here it goes in no particular order.

Human Nature Sunflower Oil

sbo787x900-2It was my first time trying a product from Human Nature and they claim that theirs are mostly organic. I was looking for a product that will help get rid of the dark spots on my face and body. I’ve read several good reviews so I gave it a try and it’s quite a miracle as it says. My dark spots have lightened gradually and it’s moisturizing to the skin. I’m just lazy doing all the beauty regimen, that’s why the results aren’t that glorious as some reviews says. I’ll try my best putting this oil before bedtime to fully erase all of my dark spots.

Where to buy: Human Nature Store, Landmark Trinoma, Shopwise
Price: Around 185 pesos


Nature Republic Rice Mask

1-500x500Another organic product but this time it’s made from Korea. Korean products as mostly says are very good. It’s a bit pricey but it’s really effective I must say. This mask has rice extracts and claims to brightens the skin. The saleslady said that the effect will take place after two days from using the mask. When I tried it, I don’t feel anything special. It was like an ordinary face mask. Then I woke up the next morning, and I felt my face was very smooth and moisturized. After a few days, my face was still smooth and a bit glowing even though I wash it with facial cleanser regularly. No wonder Korean girls have beautiful skin; their products are awesome. Now I’m thinking of trying other Korean products because of this.

Where to buy: Nature Republic Shop, Landmark Trinoma
Price: 55 pesos


True Detective



Tremendous casting and story line I must say. This series was introduced to me by a co-worker who is fond of watching movies and rarely watch TV series according to him. At first, I was kinda hesitant to watch it because I’m not into serious story plot series but my mind changed when I saw a sneak peek and there was  Matthew McConaughey. I’m not a fan really until Oscars. So I got pretty curious about the story especially on his acting style. My boyfriend and I watched it over a weekend and got hooked. We finished the whole series and admired the idea of the writer and how the actors gave justice to the characters. It was one of the best series I have watched though I’m not into some kind of series marathon. Now I’m a fan of Matthew, he really deserves an acting award. I recommend watching this to all the readers.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo


Ever since I’ve heard good reviews of Coehlo, I really wanted to buy all the books he have written. My copy was scored from a street seller in Manila. It was a bit cheaper and it’s slightly used. I don’t mind as long as I can read all of the story. I am just starting on it and it is my first time reading an inspirational fiction. I’m surprised that I felt excited flipping through pages and can’t wait to read the next. It is not a suspense thriller but I’m thrilled. They say that his works are refreshing to the soul and a good read when you’re feeling down and lost.


Hello Hero


It’s an online game in Facebook, I’m not quite sure if it’s only available on Android devices. This was introduced by my boyfriend and this picture is my actual characters in the game and was taken a week ago. I like it a lot because it excites me whenever I get new heroes and armor and all. The characters are all cute, they’re like miniature characters. I can’t say more about the game, I just enjoy it and it’s very accessible since it is available on Facebook.

So there are my favorites for the month of March and April. Til next the set! 🙂



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