Travel Diary: Bolinao Adventure Day 2

Day 2 of our Bolinao Adventure, we woke up at around 6:30 am. We went to the beach to witness the sun rise but it’s already too late. So we took some pictures and proceed to their function room (Bahia Ribera) for our free breakfast buffet. The set includes pancakes, omelettes, cereals, salads, breads, juices, coffee and of course, the main dishes.






It’s beach time! My first time to wear a 2-piece bikini and I thought I couldn’t pull this off but kebs lang. The place is so nice for picture taking, chilling and strolling.













We had a free 1 hour kayaking but we weren’t able to use it because there’s not enough kayak as there a lot of guests that time. So we just had a little swim in the pool and picture takings again.



We checked out at exactly 11 am and arrived at the town proper around 12 pm. We didn’t  have lunch because we’re still full. We just had snacks while waiting for the bus to Manila at the Victory Bus Terminal. This is the worst part of the whole adventure. Why? Because the provincial bus terminals there at Bolinao have no proper system unlike in Manila where there is a ticketing system with an assurance that you’ll have a  reserved seat. We waited for almost 3 hours for an air-conditioned bus and we failed to have our seats. When the bus came, all the passengers were in total chaos because there’s no one assisting. There’s no proper line for the first customers. If you’re not fierce enough to squeeze in to the bunch of people at the front door, you will never have a seat. So that’s what happened to us, and then we waited for another bus in Five Star Terminal and failed again. So I decided to really squeeze myself into and saved a seat for us. Oh the horror! Finally, we left Bolinao at around 5 pm and arrived in Manila at 11 pm.

All in all, the whole adventure was great except for the uwian part. I wish they would really do something about their system so that it will not bring inconvenience to visitors anymore.



I must say that there are really lots of great places here in the Philippines that we  should explore and be proud of. So that’s it for our Bolinao adventure, ’til our next travel! 🙂

For more details:

Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort



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