Travel Diary: Tagaytay Love Day 1

Last July, our destination was in Tagaytay City where we celebrated our two years together. As usual, it was a short-term plan ’cause we were still undecided days before our travel. But with the help of awesome blogs who posted some reviews about the place, we came up with our itinerary as fast as Flash.

We traveled from QC to Cavite at almost noon so we were kinda late when we arrived at our first stop, The Sky Ranch. This amusement park is so neat and white literally because the Sky Eye, Vikings, and all the other establishments have this white-painted walls and all. And I love how green the city is which complimented well with the cold weather there.




The entrance fee costs 80 pesos per person, and the rides ranges from 50 to 200 pesos. Their most expensive I think is the zip line ride which costs around 500 pesos (I can’t remember exactly).  The bonus part when you went here is the wide view of the beautiful Taal Volcano.





I almost chickened-out riding the Sky Eye because I’m freaking afraid of high places with open space, but I pulled myself together and got into the cable cars (I really don’t know what’s that called). Despite my nervous breakdown, I still manage to appreciate the wide-eye view of the whole city. It was very spectacular.Good thing we got into the Sky Eye early because it started to rain and the wind blows a bit crazy when we finished with the ride.


OOTD (Plaids and Prints and Stripes)



For our late lunch, we dined in at the famous Leslie’s. What else to order? Of course, their best seller, the Bulalo Special. Aside from it, we also tried their Turon de Leslie’s for dessert, and Fresh Buko and Dalandan Juice for our drinks. They servings are good for 2 to 3 persons, and the bulalo is so perfect for the cold weather. Very superb!








After eating, we strolled around a bit at the park and decided to ride the carousel. I must admit I can’t remember if I already have ridden a carousel when I was still a kid ,or if it’s my first time this time. I don’t know and I don’t care. All I can feel while I’m on that horse is I’m such a happy kiddo.




We skipped the zip line ride BECAUSE we’re super afraid that we might fall down on the deadly hills and we will die. Don’t get us wrong, it’s super safe, we were just you know, two coward kids.

Afterwards, we spent the rest of the night at Tagaytay Haven which is the worst hotel we ever have stayed in. I’m sorry but it’s really not worth it. Trust me.



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