Top 5 Albums I’m Listening Now

My Ipod bid goodbye to me last May but that doesn’t stop me from loving music. I’m currently obsessed with soundtracks and indie-techno-folk sounds.

Begin Again OST


I LOVE the whole album, all the songs. My favorites are “A Higher Place”, “Lost Stars” and “Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home”. I keep on playing these at my workplace for the whole shift. I’m surprised with Keira Knightley’s singing voice. So cute.

Awesome Mix Vol. 1(Guardians of the Galaxy OST)


A great great mix tape of the 60’s and 70’s songs. To my surprise, I’m addicted to The Pina Colada Song by Rupert Holmes. Can’t help it, it’s so groovy.

Ghost Stories (Coldplay)


Who would not love Coldplay? I’m one of their biggest fan and one of those many who is hoping for them to have a concert here in the Philippines. I feel like that this album brings back the Coldplay in Coldplay. It’s the same sound I’ve heard when I first listened to “The Scientist” several years ago. My favorite track? Magic ’cause I believe in magic. 🙂

Talking Dreams (Echosmith)


I like these cool kids and their songs. A An indie-rock female-front band that reminded me of my frustrated aspiration of being a lead vocalist in a band. My favorite: Come Together and Let’s Love.

Yolanda Moon and Techy Romantics




Fresh from the Oktober Fest last night, I fell in love with the sounds of these two indie-techno bands. Yolanda Moon’s sound is a combination of indie, blues, jazz and techno, while Techy Romantics is more on techno. The vocalist of Yolanda Moon reminded me of John Mayer’s voice while Techy Romantics is of Kylie Minogue’s. Lovin’ the OPM.

So there’s my current track listings and not-so-new discoveries, hope you like it. 😉



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