Kahit Di Na Uso Ay Ito Lang Ang Alam Ko

Magkahawak ang ating kamay at walang kamalay-malay na tinuruan mo ang puso ko na umibig ng tunay.

A line from their song, “Ang Huling El Bimbo” which gave them their first MTV Moon Man Award. This band icon from the Philippines whom a lot of the 90’s kid grew up knowing. I’m not “technically” one of those because yes I’m a 90’s kid, but it’s years after the band had been disbanded that I was able to completely appreciate their music. I guess I’m really a late bloomer after all.

I remember watching one of their videos back in elementary, I think it’s the Shirley music video. I just know them for their frontman Ely Buendia and their name, Eraserheads. And that they were from UP. I know some of their famous songs because the radio stations back then were continuously playing it because they’re a trend during that time. And that’s all I know.

Then they disbanded and formed a band of their own. From then on, I did not hear any news from them. 2008 came, I was in college,  they held a reunion concert but was cut short because Ely was rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack. Some of my buddies were talking about it and how they miss their music. And there I was, like clueless. Like what I’ve said, I just know the band, that’s all. After a year, they continued their concert and it was such a blast. All the die-hard fans were very pleased and happy to have heard their songs once again. And as usual, I’m like O-K-A-Y.

Few years have passed, I graduated and got on my first ever job. The idle times I have when I was looking for a job and during my job that I have the chance to listen well to their songs. I listened to their first publicly released album (Ultramagneticpop!) and found a connection with one of the songs, “Shake Yer Head”. I really like the lyrics about being yourself, making your own choices and leaving all the shitty things behind. After that, I downloaded all of their albums including their first and second reunion concerts.

And that I understand why they are well loved by most of the Filipino people. I personally find their songs simple, in a way that we can all relate to it. In a simple sense that the words were put together, very straightforward that most can understand the message very well. I’m more of a lyrics person than of a melody. Their songs are about the Filipino life. The life of a common person, the society he lives in and the dreams he wishes to come true. And I have this very different feel when you hear them, it’s the word iconic.

Photo by Yahoo Philippines

Photo by Yahoo Philippines

Last September, Esquire Philippines released an issue with Eraserheads in the cover. Inside is the story of their journey when they went to London to have a reunion concert. And they also released two new songs, a CD is included when you buy the magazine. I really don’t buy magazines and I really don’t buy one but it’s them, so I got one. I haven’t finished reading their centerfold story, and I also haven’t listened to the two songs. I guess I wanted some solemn time for that.

Well,  I’m years late appreciating their sounds. But I realized that this is the kind of way that I wanted to see things more precisely. It’s not for an instant. Though it was a slow process, it’s a sure thing at least for me. That I love their music.




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