LIFE at its finest

A few days ago, I had a slight productive day. I went to a clinic to have our annual physical examination provided by my company. Afterwards, I ate my lunch and stroll over the mall. I bought a bag of little chocolate S’mores at Candy Corner and a box of Nerds to accompany me while walking. Then, I went to the Book Sale store. My original plan was to find new books to read because I’m close to finishing Dan Brown’s Deception Point (which is supposed to be finished months ago). AND I found this.


Yes, a LIFE hard-bound book. When I opened it, my eyes literally lit up. It contains 100 classic photos of LIFE magazine in black and white mostly. You bet I’m so much in love in black and white photographs because it so classic and vintage. It’s a great great thing already to find something like this, but what’s even more greater is that I can literally took 25 pictures out of it and hang it on my wall. Oh yeah,  twenty five pictures which are ready to be framed are included in this book. The bottom part of the cover are slighted ripped but who cares about the cover when there’s treasures inside.


I was kinda hesitant to buy it at first because it’s currently out of my budget. In fact, it’s super discounted like from 20$ (foreign exchange rate converter says it’s 896 in pesos), now it only costs 395 pesos. Super! Yeah, but I’m poor like that. Couldn’t afford easily. LOL. But my awesome boyfriend convinced me to because according to him, we can use it in the future. (We can hang some at our future home, that’s what he meant.)


And these kind of things shouldn’t let be slipped away. It’s a piece of treasure and the fact that I even write an entry for it is because it is so precious to me. I’m pretty outspoken on how I appreciate photography that much. Especially these photos that captures LIFE. I was in a break because life is so much busy these days. I have little time for these things and I despise it.  Finding it makes the fuel in my soul charge my sleeping desire to take photographs again. One of the things that I really find happiness in.





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