Rurouni Kenshin, My Samurai X

I’m not a serious anime fan. To the point that when the next episode is not yet created, I’m gonna read the manga. There are some that I watch when I really like the drawing and story plot. But there’s this one that up ‘til now, I’m going crazy over with.

Kenshin Himura, my favorite Samurai.

The first time I saw it was in Studio 23 and it was dubbed in English. Not the usual anime that were dubbed in Tagalog in our local channels so it was kinda new to me. THEN, I saw its drawings. I seriously love it. It’s like the artist behind Fushigi Yuugi and this are only one. I’m very particular with the details so I appreciate how they put some effort on making the characters’ faces, especially their eyes so expressive. I’m also surprised that I come to like this because I usually go for modern concepts, girly and colorful stuff, and laid-back story plots. To everyone’s knowledge, the whole concept idea of Samurai X is the exact opposite of what I’ve mentioned.

So why do I like it? SIMPLE, KENSHIN.


How could you not love that face? That face that sometimes is innocent and funny, then suddenly shifts to gorgeously handsome when he’s about to go on a battle. Kidding aside (but I’m not kidding when I said that I love Kenshin’s face), it’s the whole old Japanese era thing that I like. The kimonos, samurai swords, traditional Japanese houses, those I’m super fascinated. And the writer tells a good story about an assassin who vowed not to kill again.

That is the anime version. What if they were all brought to life? OMG.


About two years ago, the first movie adaptation was released by Warner Bros. in theaters all over the world. When I first heard it, I literally jump out of excitement and googled for the details. Of course, I first checked who played Kenshin then watched the trailer. WOW. From the first look of it, they did a pretty great job. The characters are brought to life. And thank God, it was really Japanese.

But under some circumstances, I wasn’t able to see the movie in a theater. I just watched it at home and under another circumstance, I didn’t finished the whole movie because I fell asleep (that time, I just got home from the night shift soooo)


After two years, they released the second and third movie adaptations. They have prepared for these two for that long and I can understand the reason why. It’s perfect. Although, I did not finish the first, I can honestly say that these two are waaaaay better than the first one. Aside from it has all the elements that “Samurai X” have, almost all the characters who were in the anime are in it. The fight scenes, hands down. The setting, hands down. The production design, hands down. The actors, hands down. The story phase, hands down. And for Takeru Sato, you are really Kenshin Himura. Good good job.

For a Samurai X fan like me, I couldn’t ask for more (except I hope they will do another because it’s so good).  And it’s really a good thing that they let the Japanese film makers to do it because well obviously, it’s their story and they are “the” Japanese.

I feel satisfied on how the film started and ended.  It brought back the times when I patiently wait for the evening to come so I can see that goofy and handsome face of Kenshin. The times that I tried to draw the characters, and I made their wallpapers my desktop background. That part of my childhood flashed back at me and I feel happy. I will never forget that face with an X mark.

When they made the anime version into a live action, it’s like a dream come true to a fan like me. This is one good memory.

Catch the part 2 and 3, I think it’s still on showing for some theaters!




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