Smaller to Bigger



As I look back to the year that was, I come to see all the little details. My almost everyday journey to the workplace. The sun rays kissing my skin at the afternoon. The laughter I share with my friends and family. The songs I repeatedly play until I get used to it. The warmth of embrace from my lover. The tears I cried at night.

All these things, I rarely notice as I’m very busy with all the bigger details of life. I always look into the bigger picture of things, instead of focusing on the smaller ones. I guess I suddenly forgot to. And it results to stressing myself more when things aren’t going the way I want it to.

There are unexpected things that will come, and I know that I know this deep in my heart. It is normal to feel disappointed. It’s totally okay to feel pain and anger. I am human. However, at the end of each day, we should always have a positive mind that things will eventually be alright. If things have gone bad, I always believe in being good and doing good when things are not. And if things are wrong, we should always stand up and fight for what’s right.

They say, “time will heal all the wounds.” I agree at some point. We are all capable of moving on and forgiving one another, but it’s our choice if we want to. We do not hold the time in our hands, but we always have the power to decide on our own. It’s always and will always be up to us.

I’ve come to realize that this year, I felt a lot. Almost all the feeling that I can actually feel. To be honest, I am not that thankful neither I am bitter. I guess I just feel strangely complete. Why? I also do not know. The important thing is, I didn’t lose the faith. I didn’t lose the hope. And I didn’t lose the love. These are just enough for me to go on. I am still me, better and stronger.

As I end this post, let us all remind ourselves of the smaller things that surround us despite of all the bigger things that are not going well. Because when we look into the small ones, it becomes bigger. And we can all look into the whole picture with a  different perspective, a calm heart and a big smile on our faces.

Let’s all bid goodbye to this year with appreciation and welcome the upcoming year with enthusiasm. Happy New Year! 🙂



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