On a Side Note

It’s a Monday afternoon here, and I’m still on my bed for like hours and haven’t eaten any food yet or whatsoever. IT IS the last day of the long weekend, I like to verbally congratulate myself for being semi-productive these past few days. Well, I guess so (if I’m not just fooling myself).

On a side note (as the title says), I was able to have a little photowalk last Friday in one of my favorite places. Though, it was a bit late, I managed to capture some views. I’m completely happy with it. We went to the nearby town center to grabbed some steak for dinner, and toast for dessert. It really was spontaneous. A part of me, loves unexpected things like these. Without plans and all, just spontaneous. Speaking of which, I also managed to meet up with my old time girlfriends back in college. With just few text messages, we met. We catched-up over a Mexican dinner, watched “Love, Rosie” (which, by the way, is so so cute and lovely especially Lilly Collins), and talked about “grown-up” things with a hot chocolate and coffee ’til 4am in the morning.

Such a nice feeling that every now and then, I got to do things like this. And I realized I’d like to continue doing it even when I’m out of penny and batteries. Because time is out of my control, and I don’t want spending the rest of my life being a lazy-ass girl that I am, sometimes. I want to DO things even if it’s just writing a simple post like this. It makes me feel fulfilled. In my mind, I’m imagining myself going on walks, taking pictures, writing, reading a book, all the things that I used to do. I can’t just bum around here and let those imaginations gone with the wind. I’m going to make it real.

As I’ve started living the life that I want, again, I also started editing photos that I took during my journey. I mentioned here about two years ago, that I’ve set up a photo blog with some of my what I call now as, a slice of my soul. Photographs that is close to my heart and has a significant meaning to my very life. If, however, you managed to finish reading this, I would be very glad to share it with you.

The very first “photo walk” photo I took this year. I love silhouettes. You can see some of my work here: Still Memories by Candy Zinampan I’ve edited some but still working on a few. I’m hoping I could post it this week.

Well, thank you for reading this. I appreciate it a lot. So right now, I’m gonna get my ass outta here and eat some decent food and get workin’, rather, go on living.




P.S. I have never been so happy again with how I wrote this post. I feel like just writing down what I just wanted to say randomly. Hope I can continue writing like this in the coming days.

P.P.S. I will be posting some blog entries after this (hope so, I haven’t even started) with specific and exciting(?) topics.


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