Dear 25-Year Old Me


Seven days ’til the end of your birthday month and guess what? I think you’re doing a great job so far despite of what they call as “quarter-life crisis”. I know the first five years of your twenties have been a roller-coaster ride. You felt a lot of pressure at the start because you thought you’re supposed to be doing “grown-up” things since you’re officially considered as an adult. On your first year as a college graduate, you’ve landed on a pretty good job. You learned how to make a living and realize that it isn’t simple. You’ve been fifty percent of an investor and fifty percent of a spender.

You travelled on different places. It was when you were 20 years old that it was your first time to go to a beach. And on your 22nd birthday, you went on a mountain hike. You never thought you can make it but you did. You go to different concerts of different bands. You lose yourself in the music and you’ve had lots of fun. Those were one of the happiest moments of your entire life.

You made new different set of friends. They are one of the best companions you’ve ever had. Some of them are whom you look up to for inspirations while some are whom you really have fun with. They are for keeps and you’re really lucky.

You’ve dealt with a lot of emotions. You felt rejected when you were still going through a fresh breakup on the first year of your twenties. But you felt accomplished when you managed to get on with your life and you’re doing fine. You felt frustrated when things are not going according to your plan. You felt pain and anger for all the people who troubled you big time, and for all the situations that made you feel weak and helpless. You felt grateful for there are friends and family who continuously support you in every way they can. You felt love again when you met the man in your dreams.

You discovered a lot of yourself. You realize you wanted a lot of things. You love to express thru writing and capturing photographs. You love art a lot just like how you love it in your high school days. You always love to flip pages and went to different places by reading. Recently, you revived your old desires. You love to paint. And that is where your imaginations leads you to.

Three weeks ago, you celebrated your special day. You took the day off at work and stayed at home for a rest. You had dinner with your lover and got home to a cake waiting for you. It was indeed a very simple celebration compared with your previous celebrations when you wanted to go out of town and go out with friends. And then, you realize you wanted to keep everything as simple as possible. Your priorities now are the things that matters most. Your plans are now long-term ones and you think in advance. But you still don’t forget to think of fun ways to do. You know now your heart’s desires. You remember now what are in your bucket list. You wanted to cross out every single thing in it. You realize over the five years that passed, you’ve successfully established yourself. Maybe not completely, but at least you have your foundation.

Now, I can’t ask anything more from you but just wish that you still have everything in place when you reach thirty. I believe in you. And I wanted you to know that I’m very proud of you. 🙂

High hopes and big dreams,

Young(er) You


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