New Layout, New Perspective

Hello there guys!

It’s been a while since I last posted an entry here. I’ve been very very busy lately and I don’t have enough time to write some posts. But I do have lots of topics in my drafts folder waiting to be published (hoping real soon).

So anyways, we’re through with the first quarter of 2015, and I have some good news. I HAVE A NEW LAYOUT. Yes, a new layout design. Thank goodness to WordPress, they upgraded their layout themes to a more sophisticated and responsive designs.


A month ago, I thought this blog was deactivated or has been down because I couldn’t access it. To my learning, WordPress has undergone a system maintenance and I guess this was the time that they are upgrading their system. It was also during this time that I wanted to work with my blog design because I find it really plain, boring, and unorganized.

As you can see, I have a pretty much decent home page now (at least for a blog)  where you can see the menus to choose from. And if you scroll it down, you can see the three latest posts and other things about my blog. I’ve chosen the Sela Theme because I find it very artistic, light and has a lot of features to customize.

Aside from the layout, I also worked with my writing format such as categorizing posts properly, creating a standard signature, using of tags per post properly. I also managed to review my previous posts — deleted some that I find less important and too personal to publish.

With this new design and format, I also wanted to bring this blog one level up. I wanted to keep everything as clean and organized as possible. I wanted to be able to write entries that is more inspiring and everyone can “at least” benefit from. I don’t want this blog to be ALL about me anymore.

The only downside I find here in WordPress and also in other blog sites like Blogger is that they have limited file/image storage which is a big disadvantage to me because I post a lot of pictures. I am crossing my fingers for a much larger and free storage here in WordPress. I really would like to continue posting here ’cause I find it very authentic to write into. Otherwise, I might go back to Tumblr where storage is unlimited, or I can just purchase a premium account IF I have an extra money to spend. (crossing my fingers for this one)

As long as I can post here with my remaining storage space, I will create life-benefiting entries as promise. 🙂






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