2015 Goals

2015 goals

I know I’m way too late for this but it isn’t end of the year yet, right? It’s never too late to plan and achieve your goals.


As I turned 25 this year, I realized that this generation’s lifestyle now are getting more and more extravagant even though it doesn’t need to.. Yeah, it’s a great feeling to experience such luxury “once in awhile”, but I guess not every time. I’ve been a member of this generation’s bunch — yes, it’s a very good feeling but after a while, you’ll feel dissatisfied in spite of the luxuries and extravagance. You ended up broke and you’ll realized you have spent a large amount of money on some things that are far less important. When you keep everything simple, life becomes simple. You’ll feel more appreciative about the simple things that life can offer. And the bonus part is, you can save up money for things that are really important.


Last year was my most unhealthy year. I really got sick a LOT of times. My office mate advised me to exercise once in a while because it’ll help my health big time. As the procrastinator and lazy ass kid that I am, I did not exercise and I really don’t exercise. I did jogging every weekend before and then I quit. I do eat a lot and I love to eat, I don’t care about the calorie content. I’m just fortunate that I don’t gain weight that easily. I’m not fat nor I am slim, my body is just in between. But I guess I’m too ignorant to think that exercise are only just for people who are fat and need to lose weight. Every time I went to have a check-up, I’m starting to realize that my office mate is right and that I am very much wrong. I should have an active and healthy lifestyle. So this year, I started doing some exercise (not regularly) but I hope I can keep up with twice a week. Then, I bought an infuser bottle so I can drink water infused with lemon, cucumber or any fruits I like. It’ll help my body to release toxins. I also started eating fruits now but I don’t deprive myself from eating delicious foods. That is a NO-NO for me. Because I believe you can still eat the food you want as long as you exercise and eat healthy foods also.


I’ve been working for almost 5 years now and I am proud to say that I’ve accomplished some things. I was able to help with finishing some of my family’s projects. And now, it’s time to do my own project. I’m not getting young anymore and I need to secure my future. So I decided to sign up for a life insurance and will soon open a bank account (I hope real soon). My only problem is the not-so-big spender that I am. I was debt-free until I got a very much enticing credit card. I got excited and buy things that I want without even thinking. Though having a credit card helped me with lots of my important spends and finances, I still ended up with debts. Good thing, I scored some side projects now so I can finally pay my debts in full. After this, I promise myself to use it carefully and wisely. I will not cut it because it’s been useful for me ever since. And I can totally trust myself now.

Those are actually my long-term goals. I hope I can keep up with it. I also have some short-term ones like to read more books, travel, paint and a lot more. But those three are what I wanted to achieve.

It’s better to be late than never. So what are yours?




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