Jack & Sassy, Their First Year

Jack Sassy First Birthday

December last year, we celebrated the first birthdays of our two adorable pets, Jack and Sassy. Sassy was the first to turned 1 last October then Jack last December.  Our original plan was to throw a little dog party but we didn’t have much time to prepare so we just decided to buy cakes and bring them to the pet shop for grooming.

Whole Pet Kitchen is an online bake and food shop for animals most especially for dogs. I discovered them via Saab Magalona’s blog and they have their IG account. You can order cakes and foods from them thru their website or you can go directly to their shop in Greenhills, San Juan. We personally visited them and bought the cakes. We chose their Small Paw Cake because our pets are just the toy size types. It’ll be too much for them to eat a large-size cake.  Two cakes for each of them. Other than cakes, you can also bring your pet and dine-in. They have special menu for the dogs and I’m sure they’ll love it.




The next day, we brought them to Dogs and The City in Trinoma for their grooming. It’s their first time actually. We chose the Cut, Style & Beyond package which includes a bath, brushing, cut, clipper work and more. Sassy loves it very much, she loves being bath and pampered. While, Jack on the other hand, really hated it. He’s a little scaredy-dog.

When we got home, we lit up the candles of their cakes and sung a “Happy Birthday” song. It’s a great day indeed for us and for our pets. It make us feel like we’re parents, actually fur-rents! 😀


How did you celebrate your pet’s special day?




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