Travel Diary: El Nido, Palawan Day 2

El Nido Palawan Day 2

For our second day, we chose tour C which also has many good reviews online. It’s similar to our first setup, a boat and tour guides except for the little gloomy weather. The waves were a bit higher this time but it’s nothing to worry because the bangkeros were all under control.

Despite of the weather, El Nido never disappoints us. It is indeed one of the must-see places around the world. Our itinerary for the tour in order are Helicopter Island, Matinloc Shrine, Talisay Beach, Secret Beach and Hidden Beach. 

Helicopter Island derived its name from its shape, it looks like a helicopter from afar. There is an abandoned unfinished rest house and shrine in Matinloc that was owned by a rich family. They decided to not continue the  construction because of the difficulty of transporting materials, food and other necessary things from the town proper to this island due to the location and seasonal bad weather.  The good thing about this place is the cinematic bird’s-eye view of the islands from the top.








We had our mixed sea foods and meat lunch, and rest for a while at Talisay Beach. Fortunately, the tides went a bit lower that we were able to explore the Secret Beach. Actually, they were just the ones who explored it because I chickened out. I was afraid of swimming in high current waters and I really don’t how to swim in deep waters. But they told me that it’s really beautiful inside, like there’s a “secret” small island inside the large rock formations. Same goes for the Hidden Beach, the only difference is it’s hidden in between two large rock formations. My personal favorites would be the Helicopter and Hidden Beach because I had fun snorkeling and relaxing. It would have been the Secret Beach if I have fought my fears for deep waters.


Later that night, we dined at Sea Slugs, it’s just right beside Marina. You can choose from their fresh sea foods and they will cook it for you. Since we were craving for squids and lobster, we ordered it. We also tried their Crocodile Sisig, the taste is similar to a pork sisig.



We spent our last night in El Nido with beers and stories of our different adventures. We also chatted with a Filipina wife and his Dutch husband. They were all over the Philippines exploring it. We asked his husband, who is from Netherlands, of what are the great places in there. He said there were none. He said that our country has a lot of beautiful places to offer that’s why a lot of foreigners are really into going in here. That night, we are proud Filipinos. 🙂




Credits to Licelle Angeles for some island photos and the Sea Slug foods.


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