Unpredictable, Unscripted

Unpredictable, unscripted

Last February, I was invited by a friend in a photo exhibit at UP Diliman. It  was an exhibit of Filipino photographers who traveled outside and inside the country to capture life on the streets. The title of the event is “Unpredictable, unscripted”. It was described as,


I am a self-confessed photography enthusiast but actually, it was my first time attending an official photo exhibit like this. Thanks to my friend Wem, whom I shared same interest. At first, I was really intimidated because I am surrounded by professionals who have lots of experiences when it comes to shooting on the streets. But as the event goes by, I feel like I’m so lucky to be able to personally meet them and hear their stories.




Aside from the exhibit itself, there was an artist talk part where in an artist (who is part of the event) will share some pieces of advice about street photography. I learned about the different fundamentals when shooting the streets like the geometry, movements, lights, etc. But the most important thing that I’ve learned is to always strive for more. It’s the same piece of advice that came from Henri-Cartier-Bresson, who is famous because of his street photography. He is an inspiration among street photographers and I just have known about him that day.





I love how a person inspires another and it’s a cycle that goes on everyday. I also love how a photograph tells stories about life and how it open the eyes of the ones who look into it. For me, this whole first time experience is a message that I am doing the right thing, I have chosen the right thing to do and that is to tell a story and let people find inspiration in it.



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