Things I Do with the Internet

Things I do with the Internet

The Internet, oh how can we live now without it? Personally, internet is a necessity for me especially at work. I’m a computer programmer so just like every other programmers out there, I rely to our best friend Google for forgotten syntax, feasible methods and many more. But there are many other things we can do with the internet aside from blogging, Instagram, Facebook and other social networking apps.

Listed are part of the personal things I do with it:

Looking for reviews of food, travel destination, products, etc.

I know I’m not the only one who do this, and let’s be all thankful for the guys who are posting reviews. These are very helpful for my part as I am the type of person who needs to read good reviews about a certain food, destination or products before I give it a go. Nowadays, we should be extra careful with the food that we eat, destination that we want to travel to, and products that we want to try on. We must be sure that it’ safe and legit.

Read and watch about health care, work-outs and good dog parenting.

This one is very important as I have gone through some health problems lately. I have come to realize that it is very important to invest in your health at a young age. And with the technology we have right now, we can have all the knowledge about health and fitness. I look for healthy diet plans and try it. I search for work-out videos in YouTube and put on my gym shoes and sweat it all out. For Jack (my Pomeranian pet), I do research for raw dog food diet, proper hygiene and all.

Discounts, promos, store sales, online shopping, and upcoming events

Women likes to shop and it’s a fact. When I started to have a credit card, I was really non-stop browsing online shops and deals before. But I learned to use it wisely now, I only purchase things that I need the most. Some days, I take it to my advantage to purchase some discounted deals at a certain restaurant, hotel or anything that I can do for leisure. It’s good to free yourself from stress and reward yourself with some out of the city getaway or a fancy full-course meal. Or you can look up for upcoming events like concerts, book fairs or art fairs that will give you a fresh information of the other side of the world.

Arts and craft, music, gift  ideas, photography and painting techniques

In the about section of this blog, I described myself as a “hobbyist”. Yes, I want to do a lot of things. I have a heart for arts since I was a kid, I’d like to draw and color and paint. When I started college, I am fascinated with music (all genres) and photography. Now, I want all three. I’d like to discover and listen to new sounds, thanks to Spotify and Soundcloud. I’m getting ideas on how to do a craft and what will be the best gift for someone from the pins in Pinterest. And I’m learning a lot of fundamentals and techniques in painting and photography with the help of YouTube. That’s how the internet works for everyone who wants to excel in and enjoy with their chosen hobbies.

Read inspiring articles and stories, support advocates and campaigns, spread good news and warn everyone with the bad news.

In a world that is part violent and part wonderful, it is important to be aware of what’s going on with our surroundings. But it’s not enough to be just aware, we should also participate with it to make a difference. Social media sites like Facebook is a very good tool for spreading awareness, expressing advocacy, and inspiring people. I think this is the best thing  among the other things the Internet can offer, and that is to help one another. It is not made for people who are using it to just spread false statements, rumors or gossips about a certain person. It is not made for bashing and giving rude comments to a certain person. It is not made for uploading scandals and hacking the privacy of a certain person. The Internet is a wonderful tool that man has invented. We should learn to use it for good purposes and not for anything that can harm and destroy a person’s life.

I say the Internet is a fun and positive thing. Let’s all use it wisely! 🙂



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