FRIDAY’S 10 Happy Things


Welcome to Friday’s 10 Happy Things where I/we list ten things that made us smile this week so that we can start the weekend on an even more positive note!

This week has been a productive one!

1. My attendance for this week is PERFECT! No late, no under times, though still overtime (as usual). I’m very proud of myself (applause).

2. I managed to visit the National Museum on its last day of free entrance last Saturday. And I’m with one of my favorite person, Anawim.

3. Paintings. Lots of paintings. I drool over the ones I saw at the National Museum especially the Spolarium by Juan Luna. It gave me chills. (I’m thinking of doing a post about that, let’s see)

4. My first time in Intramuros and I’m quite disappointed but still I’m happy I got to see it finally. I’m hoping the government would do a good job of restoring the place to its original classy look.

5. Nearing the end of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, and I’m so so in love with it. I’ll buy all his books.

6. Small world it is. I met an acquaintance from a shop in Cubao Expo last Saturday. He happens to be a friend of my other friend. And we graduated from the same university, what a wonderful world!

7. A friend told me this ❤❤❤

8. Busy organizing events for the holidays. I’m excited for reunions and get-together.

9. I’m getting used to the mix and match technique of dressing up. I learned that you can never go wrong with basics.

10. Answered prayers. 🙂

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