Jack & Sassy, Their First Year

Jack Sassy First Birthday

December last year, we celebrated the first birthdays of our two adorable pets, Jack and Sassy. Sassy was the first to turned 1 last October then Jack last December.  Our original plan was to throw a little dog party but we didn’t have much time to prepare so we just decided to buy cakes and bring them to the pet shop for grooming.

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Sassy Girl

Sassy Girl

Sharing with you another source of our happiness. Last year, my boyfriend adopted a new pet, it’s a girl orange sable Pomeranian, her name is Sassy. She was already 9 months old when we got her, the good thing is she can adapt very well with the new surroundings.

Because she’s a female, I think that makes her so “malambing”, but she’s quite lazy. Laying around the house all the time. She and Jack (my other pom pet) got along very well, and it’s such a happy scene seeing them play together.

She also turned 1 October last year and we really adore her so much. ❤



Jack & Me

I remember watching Marley & Me for the first time and wanting also to have a dog of my own. I saw in that movie how dogs are very loyal to their owners and they are truly a man’s best friend. I cried at the end.

As much as I like to have a dog, I also don’t want to have one. I’ve had a bad experience with them. I was bitten before, the injury was not so serious, just a little scratch. But because I was too afraid that I might be affected by their rabies, I freaked out and panicked. I was crying real hard and begging my mom to bring me to the hospital for the anti-rabies vaccine. From that time on, I have a phobia with dogs especially the stray ones who are lurking on the streets. Continue reading