Love Spells and Letters

Love Spells and Letters

Rainbow-colored papers
Handwritten in bold letters
Either posted on my wall
or scattered on my table

Yes, I’m a bit surprise
To receive such a great prize
No, I can’t exchange it to a dime
But I can keep it for a lifetime

Indeed, ‘sweet’ it is to have
Such a small remark of
an ample of love
Describe it, is an incurable disease
Feel it, is sure pure bliss

It sticks on my mind
‘Am touched by every line
My emotions I can’t resign
You have bewitched me and now,
I am spellbind.

CZ, Aug 2012


It’s fine

Oh what else can I do
Baby, this is the way it always is
Oh what should I do
I’ve been like this ever since

A day apart from you
it makes me sick and blue
Shall you see me, I always want to
Will you see me, I got no clue

Weekends will be here pretty soon
I don’t know if i’ll be happy
I’ve been waiting for you this afternoon
I don’t know if you miss me that badly

I don’t feel so fine, oh so fine,
Baby, I’m tired
Whatever that means
I’ll be doing just fine

 CZ, May 2014

Red and Blue Lines

Empty white pages
Staring blankly at me
In between the spaces
I put marks and then sees

The lonely girl tries
Into the open
Blurt the words
And somehow heals

Out there
She smiles and cheers
In here
She cries and sleeps
Nobody knows
Just her and how she feels

CZ, April 2014