Finding Yourself


An everyday struggle for all, finding who you are and who you are not. It may not be all your entire life, you’re searching for what you want but there will always comes a time when a person seeks for the things that will make her spirit at peace.

I was once lost. Lost in a way that I don’t know who I really am and what I want. Yet I set my priorities straight. I know what I needed to do, but when it comes to the things that I wanted to, I don’t have any idea at all. It took me so long to figure that out. I think I knew it all along but I’m just too afraid to accept it. Afraid that I may fail and afraid that I won’t be accepted by many.

The times that I were in the university were the times that I finally opened my eyes and heart to who I am and what I want. The people that I have surrounded myself with were I think the ones who helped me. It’s not that I adapted to what they’ve been doing, but I think it’s more of I found in them the courage to do so. They are free spirits. They know what they want. They know themselves well. And most of all, they are brave and proud of it. And until now, I keep finding myself in people that I am with.

Personally, I think it helps someone to discover things about him when he allows himself to be with people. It’s true that no man is an island. You can never ever discover something by yourself. You still needs someone’s help at one point. It takes courage to admit that you are lost and you needed help. And it’s also takes a lot of heart to search for that one thing, which is you.

When you’ve finally found what you’re looking for, keep that courage and mold it into determination. Because when we know who we are and what we want, there’s no room for fear. We aren’t afraid anymore. We aren’t lost anymore. We are now found and accepted. We are now our own selves. And just like what Paulo Coelho said, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.



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